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Names of Primary Schools, Lower Primary Schools, Elementary Schools, and Secondary Schools identified for practice teaching / internship are listed below:


1. SVP & AUP School, Vykuntapuram

2. SMAE School, Vykuntapuram

3. Municipal Girls Elementary School, Chirala

4. GVVK School, Yanadhi Colony

5. LSMAE School, Prakash Nagar

6. Aided Primary School, Panduranga Puram, Vital Nagar

7. Oriental School, Vital Nagar

8. SRM School, Vital Nagar

9. Yadava Aided School, Ganji Palem

10. VSVN Aided Primary School, Vadarevu Road, Perala

11. KMP Aided Upper Primary School, Ujilli Pet

12. PVS Aided Primary School, Perala

13. SRR & VSR Elementary School, Munthavari Centre, Chirala

14. RS & AL Primary School, Paparaju Thota, Chirala


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